Financial and professional services

Regulatory compliant solutions

Flexible programs to help stay resilient to industry changing regulations

FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), legislation etc. have all impacted financial & Professional service providers including banks, mortgage lenders, advisors & consultants. Ray Infoweb Pvt Ltd. Information Management helps services firms stay resilient to change by delivering all-inclusive Integrated Records Management (IRM) solutions.


Single-source information management

Offsite data protection and secure destruction solutions

We provide service firms with customized IRM programs including offsite data protection and secure destruction solutions. Whether your firm us archiving vital records, scheduling backup tape rotations or supporting your disaster recovery program, we offer single-source IRM solutions to meet your organisations requirements.


Secure and green

Secure destruction programs include offsite secure destruction

Our highly trained team members ensure your organisations confidential data is properly destroyed and recycled using our offsite or scheduled destruction services. We deliver professional & financial service organisations with flexible IRM programs that protect you employees, stakeholders and the environment.