Off-site Records Management

Cost-effective, space-saving off-site storage

From our Record Centre, we provide highly secure off-site records archiving, with flexible collection & retrieval schedules, online access to your data and a robust tracking system. We are committed in maintaining healthy procedures to ensure we deliver the highest levels of customer service and response.


Features of Ray Infoweb Pvt Ltd. Records Management:

  • Record Centre
    • Individual Record Centre
    • Equipped to meet the most stringent industry standards for the safeguarding of records.
    • Highly secured & alarmed facility with 24/7 monitoring.
    • Ideal for the storage of files, archive boxes and large scale plan diagrams.
    • Manned by vetted records management professionals intelligent technology.
    • Sophisticated web tracking & bar-coding technology utilising R-Web software enables you to identify, organise and store your records cost effectively.
    • Portable scanners provide point-to-point tracking to ensure secure chains of custody and a clear audit trail, with date/time stamping for all retrieval pickups and deliveries.
  • Accessing your Data
    • Online access allows you to search for records, request services, check the status of an order, and run a variety of inventory reports 24 hours a day
    • Same Day & Next Day delivery services
    • Emergency Response service - with documents returned within 2 hours if required
    • Flexible and responsive handling of all routine and special requests
    • Professional driving team, trained to transport and handle confidential client information
    • Alarmed vehicles to ensure full security of our clients' documents during transportation
    • Scan-on-demand to streamline records requests or receive digital copies of records stored in our facilities

Special Services

  • Records project management, including file room purges, transfers, and records database creation
  • Scanning of high-volume documents for easy access and immediate retrieval via a secure, Web-based system
  • On-site records management - bringing our services to you