Secure Destruction

Compliant destruction reduces risks

The secure destruction of information is a critical part of an effective records management program. You are solely responsible for the privacy of the information you hold on individuals - for its protection and disposal. With the rise of identity theft, fraud and compliance requirements, you are also potentially risking the reputation and goodwill of your business if you fail to destroy information in a controlled and secure manner.


Ray Infoweb Secure Information destruction solutions are designed to help you meet your legislative, compliance and business requirements, providing:

  • Confidence - that your information has undergone a tightly controlled, efficient and reliable destruction process.
  • Cost Effective outsourced solution - no need to store records beyond their required life.

We also offer a breadth of flexible Secure Information Destruction Services tailored to your need including:

  • Management of one-off destruction projects.
  • Information Centre destruction of files and boxes in accordance with your retention schedules.
  • On site placement and scheduled rotation of security shredding containers.

All the paper we shred on your behalf is once again recycled, helping the environment and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.